Why I Never Respond to Some LinkedIn Messages

I accept all LinkedIn connection requests I receive. I can expand my network and everyone will see my posts! As a result, I receive between 15 and 20 LinkedIn messages every day from all my new connections, and I practically never respond. This incredible influx of LinkedIn messages is probably because everyone is now ignoring email requests.


Although LinkedIn is an excellent platform, please don’t forget all the recommended sending practices. In fact, they are even more applicable if you want people to read your LinkedIn messages. Here are the most common reasons why I never respond to your LinkedIn messages.


I Have No Idea Who You Are

This is self-explanatory. If I’m going to respond, I need to really know who you are. If our only connection is the fact that I accepted your LinkedIn request, don’t fool yourself into thinking I know who you are. If I have no idea who you are, there’s no reason for me to respond to your message, and there’s nothing that sets you apart from all the other random people trying to sell me things.


It’s Clear Your Pitch Doesn’t Work, Even From the First Few Words

From the first point, LinkedIn on mobile allows you to preview a few words before opening the message. I can immediately tell that your message is not for me from those words, and I don’t even open it. If you waste all those characters to say “Hi Dionisio, how are you?” and we don’t know each other, then it falls flat. It’s clear that you don’t really care how I am, you just want to sell me something. Make those few characters count: most people won’t bother to open your full message.


The Message Doesn’t Feel Natural

In many of these messages, it seems like they are being mass-produced (and they probably are). The writing is often a bit off, as if it were automatically generated and no one bothered to proofread the message.


Your Invitation Is a Mess

It’s incredible, but when you send me a link without even interacting with me, it’s a big red flag! Plus, it makes your LinkedIn message super cluttered and unreadable. If you just copy and paste your link, it appears as a jumble of characters and words. This looks a bit sloppy and doesn’t give your recipient the best impression. Instead, take the time to schedule a meeting in a different way, or at least make the invitation work correctly.


You Don’t Know When to Give Up

If I don’t respond to your first message, it’s not because I didn’t see it. And, if I wasn’t interested the first time, I definitely won’t be the second, third, and especially not the fourth time. Stop wasting your time and inadvertently annoying everyone you message.


What You Should Be Doing

On the rare occasions when I do respond, it’s because someone had already engaged with something I posted on LinkedIn. If someone likes, shares, or comments insightfully on my post, I’m more likely to be interested in what they have to say.


Remember the Law of Reciprocity

If you’re going to ask someone for something, try to do something useful for that person first. For example, there are some people who constantly like and comment on my LinkedIn posts. If they sent me a message, I would definitely respond because I know who they are. Also, make sure to keep the “subject line” of your message or the first few characters very relevant, because that’s probably all someone will look at to decide if they should actually open your message or not.


LinkedIn is a great platform and a very useful tool, but try to be a person, not an automated LinkedIn message bot, and this will greatly benefit you.


Dionisio Melo

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